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    Welcome to Materials Technology products TTN Company Ltd.

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    With working professionals, which brings customers the best product, service dedicated to, the company TTN become suppliers of food additives Vietnam.
    Since its establishment in 2001 until now TTN has never stopped developing and growing.
    We are honored to provide the additive for manufacturing food great, the exclusive distributor in North Vedan Group, and is a distributor for manufacturers of food additives on the prestigious world.
    Motto work is always bringing the best products for customers with the service the most enthusiastic. TTN partners become trusted with "the university" in food production.
    Thanks you have trust, cooperation with TTN.

    All necessary information please contact us. 
    + Head Office: 410 - CT3 Building, Bac Linh Dam, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi. 
    + Representative Office: No 07& 08 - CT2 Building &, BAC LINH DAM,  HOANG MAI, HA NOI
    + Phone: 04 3 540 1244 / 043 540 1844
    + Fax: 04 3 6411735

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